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My family is constantly on me about my weight, and they wonder why I prefer to be alone in my room!

  -  2 September

cutiepiefallon said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :D

Thank you!! :) 

  -  29 August

falpallove said: Happy Birthday!!

Thank you! :) 

  -  29 August

mrstretchylegs said: HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAL!!!! I HOPE IT'S THE BEST DAY EVER!!!

 Aww thanks so much!!!!!

Anonymous said: what did you whisper to jimmy in the goodbyes?

I told him congrats on the tonight show 

Me and Jimmy!! aww! memories! 

Because it needs to be said


You. Yes you, reading this. You are important, you are worthwhile, and you are loved. Sometimes it may feel like none of those things are true, but they are. So be kind to yourself, please.

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